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Okay. We've told you who Simon Jester is. We've given you a bunch of files for posters, stickers, flyers, et cetera.

So what the devil (pun intended <grin>) are you supposed to do with this stuff?

Assuming you read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, you should already have a pretty good idea. But here some specifics you might try:

  • Flyers can go on bulletin boards, car windshields in parking lots, or simply be handed out.
  • The same goes for folded pamphlets, or you might put some in the form slots on bank tables and the counters at the post office.
  • Stickers can go anywhere: Service counters at DMV, the post office, post drop boxes, windows and doors. But if you're considering putting them on private property, also consider whether the owner might not appreciate it.
  • Business cards can be handed out, left on magazine piles in waiting rooms, set on counters, stuck under windshield wipers, or even flung out high windows. Try including one in all your bill payment envelopes.
  • The Cthulhu election posters can go up anywhere you see other campaign signs posted. Try putting them up in your car windows, too. If you stake out a polling station like the other campaign aides, come election time, the Cthulhu posters go great with the Democracy Explained flyers to get voters' attention.
  • Stickers can also go on packages and envelopes. Kinda like Easter Seals, but a lot more fun.

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